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Flyy Girl Etiquette is a book and blog about modern day etiquette tips. Flyy Girl Etiquette teaches and discusses your appearance, technology etiquette, dressing for success, dating, and sexual etiquette, all while looking good.

Living fabulous and smelling like roses while facing inevitable challenges and social pitfalls is what we strive for, right? Flyy Girl Etiquette provides the know-how for all women interested in etiquette but don’t want the old fashion school out-of-date rules.

Being a Flyy Girl with Etiquette is not simply looking good. A Flyy Girl with etiquette is a woman who is a beautiful person inside and out.


First Date Kiss Etiquette

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 8.46.19 PMABC’s The Bachelor is back on. We all see a good looking guy dating many women in hopes of finding “The One.” He gives a rose and a request to stay and a mother date. Kinda like the real world, right. Well, along with the many red roses he gave one young lady a passionate kiss. Some viewers were appalled, others didn’t care.
Normally the first kiss is private, so we are able to make a personal judgment if we feel comfortable to give an open mouth kiss to a person we recently met.
I honestly do not have any set rules except “Do you!” Only go as far as you feel comfortable with… Nothing more.
My second advice is to keep breath fresh mints handy.
💋What do you think?
💋Do you kiss on the 1st date?


Etiquette & Kaepernick

NFL player Colin Kaepernick has created a media storm for protesting police brutality and inequalities in America for minorities by sitting down during The National Anthem, which is played before every NFL game. Though the NFL organization states players are not required to stand, many people have become angry with Kaepernick, calling him a traitor …

Who Is Marilyn Mosby

Maylin Mosby, ‪‎Flyy Girl ‬Etiquette “To the people of Baltimore and the demonstrators across America, I heard your call for ‘no justice, no peace,’” Mosby stated during Friday’s press conference announcing the charges against 6 Baltimore police officers. “To the youth of this city: I will seek justice on your behalf.” We are excited  to have …

Slut Shaming

We have been hearing a lot about slut-shaming in the media lately. What is labeling a person as a slut?  The act of making a woman or girl feel inferior or guilty for her sexual behavior, social situation or clothing because it deviates from traditional societal expectations is called slut shaming. I hate slut shaming. …


Flyy Girl Etiquette Book Excerpt

Sleazy Reality

Screen shot 2013-04-30 at 12.02.58 AM

…don’t turn subtle seduction into a sleazy behavior. Today, reality shows take actions that are vulgar and self-destructive and present them as a positive way of life because we see them on television or splashed in the pages of magazines. The media gives sleazy behavior attention because it is abhorrent and unnatural. Flashing your breast in public, drinking more than what you can handle, pouring any liquid (water, liquor, juice) on yourself, or allowing someone else to pour it on you is sleazy. Men may be turned on for a moment, but such attention is short-lived. Ignore the reality show reenactments and be the lady men want to get to know rather than the woman they will try to avoid the morning after.

About Phire Dawson

Phire Dawson

Phire Dawson Cole is an actress, NFL dancer, professional model, and former beauty queen. She was born and raised in Connecticut; and moved to Atlanta where she Graduated from Spelman College with a degree in English and Writing. After graduating she traded in the pom-poms for a desk at CNN, then moved to LA to model and act; now she’s back to her roots as a writer.

With her knowledge of presentation and grace, lifestyle, social networking trends, and always experiencing the after “after-party”… She has written a book to show the modern way to be a classy lady with all the perks.


“With my career I have lived by these etiquette rules on television, on stage, and in front of thousands of people. Flyy Girl Etiquette is about balancing class and enjoying life without regrets or embarrassment to yourself, damaging relationships, or limiting your future.”– Phire Dawson Cole

Have a carefree life without being careless.


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